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To be an effective teacher you need to have prepared lesson plans and a variety of tools and materials to use while teaching. The more interesting and fresh the content is the better. The ultimate goal is to have the students engaged in the learning process to maximize memory retention. Teachers are always looking for new materials and tools that can enhance the learning process.

The resources found in this category include teaching materials, ideas, online tools, news, new technology information, lesson plans, educational games, and more. You can find anything to boost the learning process for kids in the classroom.

appalachian herbs
Plant Chronicles - A Guide to Medicinal Appalachian Herbal Information

Team building games, Ice Breakers, new and improved Broken Squares and puzzles for teaching

English and Language Arts teaching
Discussion and ideas about English and Language Arts teaching for grades 4-12, including technology integration.

Flash Training
headTrix Training offers LIVE Online Virtual Adobe Certified Training with an Adobe Certified Instructor in real time, live online in the comforts of your home or office.

math journal
Creative projects for making math fun featuring math journals and math adventures

pet behaviour therapy and training
Jenny will show you how it is possible to achieve a great relationship by using kind, reward-based training techniques.

scheduling software
Scheduling software for school and university timetables - academic timetable software for classes, teachers, students, colleges, high schools, courses, work shifts, events, appointments and others.

Speed reading books
Speedread america specializes in speed reading books, read fast class, rapid speedreading program, learn to speed read courses, and reading strategies. Improve your reading!

Speed Study Secrets
Speed Study Secrets and Smart Drugs Information. Must See!!!

trainers software
Software To Create Your Own Games, Word Games, Sudoku Puzzles, Tests, & Educational Puzzles & More

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"The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts."
    - C. S. Lewis
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