Spanish for Educators Part I

This is a beginning Spanish language course that gives an introduction to learners to simple grammar and appreciation of the Hispanic culture. The course specifically places attention on educators who are beginning Spanish-language learners and need to communicate with English Language Learners (ELL) and their parents. The focus will be on real-life situations and classroom and school terminology.

learning categories and Objectives

Spanish Vocabulary for Educators

  • exhibit knowledge of introductory school-related vocabulary.
  • exhibit knowledge of family-related vocabulary.
  • exhibit knowledge of spatial and relational vocabulary.
  • cultivate introductory, descriptive vocabulary.
  • exhibit knowledge of question-related vocabulary.

Communication with School and Community

  • Translate and practice simple greetings and introductions.
  • Apply the rules of pronunciation.
  • cultivate written communications (e.G., Rules, behavior contracts, report cards).
  • cultivate oral communicative skills through role-playing situations in a school setting (e.G., Phone calls, parent conferences).
  • Create a working journal.


  • exhibit knowledge of verb formations (present, present progressive, simple future, and command forms)
  • Employ the rules of punctuation.
  • Use adverbs appropriately.

Hispanic Culture

  • cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the Hispanic culture.

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