Secondary Reading Methods

This course offers a cross-curricular approach to the teaching of reading in the secondary school, grades 7-12. Through modeled and practiced activities, content area educators will learn pre-, during-, and post-reading strategies to meet the needs of students who do not read at grade level.

Topics and Objectives

Literate Environment in the Content Classroom

  • Examine the critical relationships among language, content literacy, and learning.
  • Examine tasks involved in teaching reading, the factors of content area reading, and the role of the content teacher as a process helper.
  • Analyze current practices in content area reading instruction.
  • Identify strategies to foster metacognition.

Textbook Assessment

  • Analyze the external and internal organization of a content area textbook and make decisions on classroom suitability.
  • Analyze readability measurements.
  • Examine classroom supplemental reading materials.
  • Assess print information.
  • Assess electronic information.

Student Assessment

  • Examine high stakes formal and authentic informal assessment procedures that are useful for the content area teacher to determine approximate reading levels of students.
  • Examine reading level analysis.
  • Design an authentic assessment.

Reading and Learning Strategies

  • Analyze reading instruction models that guide pre-, during-, and post-reading lessons.
  • Utilize strategies that create active engagement in the reading process.

Building Vocabulary

  • Assess teaching methods to increase student vocabulary and comprehension.

Writing Strategies

  • Analyze the use of writing in content area classrooms.
  • Identify exploratory, journal, and essay writing as strategies to enhance reading comprehension.

Study Strategies

  • Identify appropriate study skills for learning from text.
  • Create study guides.

Speaking and Listening Strategies

  • Examine discussion techniques that are a medium for literacy and learning.

Teaching Struggling Readers

  • Utilize informal assessment procedures to identify struggling readers.
  • Examine metacognition in struggling readers.
  • Create teaching tools to help students succeed with difficult text.

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