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Secondary Methods of Teaching Technology

This course focuses on technology teaching methods, the process of integrating technology into curricula, and advocating for technology utilization at the secondary level. Students will learn methods to evaluate and enhance learning. Students will also analyze exemplary lesson plans that incorporate technology, create lesson plans, and units for the secondary grade levels. In addition, an overview of strategies for educational technology leadership will be provided.

Topics and Objectives

Attitudes and Technology Integration

  • Identify how attitudes create resistance to educational technology in a secondary educational setting.
  • Develop assessments for technological skill levels.
  • Describe strategies that encourage technology integration.

Technology-enhanced Lesson Plan

  • Identify source of lesson plans on the Internet that emphasize higher-order thinking.
  • Evaluate lesson plans that integrate technology.
  • Create a lesson plan that integrates technology, enriches student learning, and complies with technology standards.

Evaluation Tools

  • Identify evaluation tools to assess student learning.
  • Utilize online rubrics to evaluate multimedia presentation, newsletters, and lesson plans.

Ethical Issues

  • Describe the safe and appropriate use of the Internet in the classroom.
  • Evaluate copyright and fair use issues as they relate to technology and multimedia.
  • Describe guidelines to ensure that students avoid academic dishonesty as it relates to technology.
  • Analyze various "acceptable use" policies.

Classroom Management of Technology

  • Analyze secondary classroom management issues.
  • Describe best practices in classroom technology management.
  • Identify etiquette issues associated with technology in a secondary setting.

Internet Research

  • Develop guidelines and procedures for conducting research on the Internet.
  • Identify Web sites that articulate state and national technology standards.
  • Compare and contrast various sources of secondary technology standards.

Software Integration

  • Integrate software into the curriculum.
  • Create a visual media lesson that enriches student learning and complies with technology standards.

Technology Advocacy

  • Describe strategies an advocate can use to encourage the integration of technology at a school site using existing technology resources.
  • Examine the role of the professional technology educator.

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