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Orientation to the Exceptional Child

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Methods of Teaching Elementary Art for the Classroom Teacher

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Curriculum Constructs and Assessment: Secondary Methods

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Secondary Methods for Classroom Teachers

This course focuses on the instruction and assessment strategies that enhance learning at the secondary level. Current issues affecting the secondary classroom are examined. Integrated content, interdisciplinary teaching, and curriculum and assessment issues are emphasized. This course provides students with an opportunity to develop and evaluate standards-based instructional and curricular materials, as well as appropriate assessment strategies.

Topics and Objectives

Educational Needs of Secondary Students

  • Identify the educational needs and attitudes of secondary students.
  • Analyze social and developmental issues that impact secondary classrooms.

National, State, and Local Curriculum and Instruction Standards

  • Apply national, state, and local standards for instruction in a specific content area.

Methods of Teaching in Specific Content Areas

  • Analyze basic teaching methods and their application in a secondary school setting.
  • Apply current methods for teaching in a specific content area.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the variety of materials available for instructional use.

Integrated Curriculum in the Secondary School

  • Apply methods of integrating secondary curricula.

Role of Assessment

  • Develop a rationale for classroom assessment.
  • Examine the characteristics of sound classroom assessments.
  • Evaluate effective pre-assessment strategies to determine what to teach and assess.

Classroom Assessment

  • Examine methods and uses of various assessments.
  • Examine traditional assessments.
  • Select appropriate achievement targets to measure.
  • Describe performance assessments.
  • Examine scoring tool(s), either analytic or holistic, which accompany performance assessments.
  • Describe the key elements of an effective student portfolio.

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