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This program is offered by the College of Education in conjunction with content area courses provided by the College of Arts and Sciences for students who are preparing for a teaching career in grades K-8, inclusive of elementary and middle school, and who are seeking initial teacher licensure. This emphasis is offered online and on the main campus. Courses are taught by educators in their respective fields who share knowledge and experience in areas of educational psychology, philosophy, methodology, and curriculum development. All courses are directly aligned with the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) principles, and the Association for Childhood International standards. Content courses are aligned to the professional standards of the National Council of Teachers of English. Opportunities are provided to apply concepts, theories, and research throughout the program. Assignments within many of the courses guide students through 105 hours of practicum/field experiences prior to student teaching, and the final semester of the program includes a full-time, 16-week student teaching component. Graduates of this program are prepared to become informed educators in public and private schools and other settings requiring a teaching license. Applicants to the program are responsible for contacting their state department of education for licensure requirements and program approval. Arizona or home state fingerprint/background clearance is required for all practicum/field experiences and student teaching. Furthermore, applicants should consult the Grand Canyon University Catalog, the University Policy Handbook, and an academic counselor to obtain information regarding current policies and procedures inherent in a teacher licensure program.

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