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As organizations grow, it is critical that they have top personnel in place to help them gain and ma...

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BS Elementary Education - Science

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BA Early Childhood Education - Infant and Toddler Care

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BA Early Childhood Education Administration

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BS Elementary Education - English

The Bachelor of Science in Education in Elementary Education (Eligible for Credential) is a program made for anybody having interest in the education of children in the Grade K-8 setting, and is considering taking the steps necessary for a teaching certificate. The format and courses of the state and regionally accredited program has been made to satisfy the requirements of the adult learner and to fully realize the content knowledge that the student possesses already. Courses are instructed by authorities in their individual fields who share experience and know-how in areas of educational psychology, reading methods, teaching methods, and curriculum development. Chances are supplied to make use of ideas, theories, and research entirely throughout the program. Assignments within each course provide guidance to students through empirical and practice-based experiences. Students are required to have the capability to access a Gr. K-8 classroom to finish the program assignments. Students must be ready to finish a full-time 16 week student teaching piece at the final part of the program. Graduates of the program are ready to become knowledgable educators in public and private schools and other places requiring a teaching credential. The student should check with the Grand Canyon University Catalog and academic advisor on recent policies and procedures that are part of a teacher credentialing program.

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"A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary."
    - Thomas Carruthers
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