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BS Child Studies

Post University's B.S. In Child Studies Program builds upon the university's successful Associate degree program in Early Childhood Education (ECE). It allows for an integrated curriculum of general education and career-specific coursework made to respond to a national put particular focus on ensuring that young children acquire quality education and developmental chances.

Because career chances in the area of early childhood education are expected to grow more than 20 percent in the next several years, Post University's B.S. Degree in Child Studies helps to prepare students to meet a growing demand for greater professionalism in the early childhood workforce.

to supply greater convenience for students having interest in early childhood education, this baccalaureate program in Child Studies is offered at Post University's Waterbury campus, at its regional locations and through Post University's Online Accelerated Degree Program (ADP).

Program Objectives:

upon the full completion of the Bachelor of Science degree program in Child Studies, students will have:
* Participated in a combination of classroom instruction and field work experience made to prepare them for a career in Early Childhood Education.
* Learned of the NAEYC standards and the Connecticut State Department of Education Preschool Framework standards set forth to ensure that young children acquire adequate, developmentally applicable care, services and education.
* Met the educational standards set forth both locally and nationally by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
* Developed essential knowledge about child growth and development and the impact that culture, community and society have on a young child's education. * Achieved the awareness and skills forced to maintain present positions and/or seek advancement in the field of Early Childhood Education.

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