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BS Child Development - Preschool and Infant/Toddler

With the Dual Concentration (Preschool and Infant/Toddler), you examine the foundations of development and the importance of relationships to the social and emotional well-being of infants and toddlers. You also explore the roles and responsibilities of the preschool professional and the development of language and vocabulary, social skills, and scientific and mathematical concepts in preschool children. Through the Making Connections courses, you keep up-to-date with discussions and explorations of current research, trends, and issues that are impacting the lives of young children, their families, and your work as an early care and education professional.

The Bachelor of Science in Child Development courses are based on the standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). These standards are critical indicators of quality in early childhood care and education and their inclusion reflects the integrity of the Walden learning experience as well as its relevancy in an educational setting.

Courses in the Dual Concentration (Preschool and Infant/Toddler) center on

  • Developmentally appropriate and inclusive practices in the classroom
  • Child, family, and professional advocacy
  • The critical role of play in children's learning and development
  • Understanding and fostering social and emotional development
  • Promoting literacy development
  • Effective planning and implementation of child-centered, age-appropriate, culturally responsive curriculum and assessment
  • Professionalism and advocacy in early care and education
  • The foundations of infant/toddler development and the integral role of the infant/toddler caregiver and family in children's growth
  • Promoting healthy infant/toddler growth
  • Forming respectful partnerships with families across a range of cultures
  • Developing high-quality programs and environments that are child-centered, family friendly, culturally responsive, and developmentally appropriate

Pursue a variety of professional roles in child development, including:

  • Child care administrator
  • Child-centric agency, hospital, or government setting
  • Day care provider (private or public, small or large)
  • Head Start professional
  • Lead or head teacher in a private infant/toddler or preschool setting
  • Preschool professional 
  • Teacher's aide or paraprofessional

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