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BS Elementary Education - Early Childhood

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BS Educational Studies

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BA Organizational Management - Early Childhood Education

Earn your Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management degree and examine the human side of managin...

BS Elementary Education - English

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BS Interdisciplinary Studies

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BS Child Development - Preschool and Infant/Toddler

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BA Early Childhood Education

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BA Early Childhood Education Administration - Infant and Toddler Care

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BA Organizational Management - English/Language Arts

Receive your Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management degree and assess the human side of managing organizations. You'll learn about communications, group behavior, decision-making, human resource management, and ethics. In addition, you may transfer up to 99 approved credits in the direction of your Bachelor's degree and accelerate your degree completion.


You may also choose to delve into other areas of organizational management when you add a specialization to your degree program. A specialization includes four (4) courses, each worth three (3) credits. These courses are taught online as part of your degree program. Choose from the following specializations:

  • Human Resources Management
    Elevate your Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management by adding a specialization in Human Resources Management. You'll construct the awareness and ability very critical to effectiveness in this essential organizational function.
  • Logistics Management
    Coordinate your career for winning by adding a specialization in Logistics Management. You'll learn to distribute products, services, and material while preparing for a career managing transportation, warehouses, and supply chains.
  • Project Management
    Build on your Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management with a specialization in Project Management. You'll be well-equipped to seize new chances in this fast-growing field.
  • Public Administration
    encourage civil society and social justice by adding a specialization in Public Administration to your Bachelor's degree. You'll improve the management skills you need to perform competently within public, government, or not-for-profit organizations.
  • Sports and Recreation Management
    Score a point for your career! With this specialization added to your Bachelor's degree, you'll improve both your business and technical skills in the sports and recreation industry.

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