Adolescent Psychology

This course covers the psychology of the adolescent from a historical point of view to present day societal influences and pressures. Recent trends and strategies of learning in adolescent education will also be covered.

learning subjects and Objectives

Adolescents in Social and Theoretical Context

  • get familiar with various definitions and markers of adolescence.
  • get familiar with how changes in society affect adolescents.
  • get familiar with major theories of adolescence.

Growth and Development Tasks of Adolescents

  • Describe physical creation of adolescent sexuality.
  • Identify the role that body image plays in adolescence.

Cognitive creation of Adolescence

  • Analyze adolescence as a time of major cognitive development.
  • get familiar with strategies of assessing cognition.

Psychosocial and Social Development

  • get familiar with how self-concept affects adolescence.
  • get familiar with the connection between adolescents and their families.
  • get familiar with the impact and create influence upon of peers and peer relationships.

Psychosocial problems Facing Adolescents

  • Identify factors affecting school achievement.
  • Analyze behaviors of adolescents who suffer from alienation.
  • get familiar with the impact that substance abuse has on an adolescent.

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